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Artist Statement: 

My paintings stem from my interest in storytelling. I’m fascinated with the mythologies and narratives that we use to construct our sense of self, our understanding of the universe and our place in the world. I’m particularly interested in the characterization of cryptids and other creatures rooted in folklore. Alongside this, my work seeks to explore the strange, almost otherworldly harmonies found in nature. The paintings are completed mainly in gouache on paper or wood rounds, resulting in an opaque, matte finish with a graphic quality. The worlds I create feel like home to me - my aim is for the viewer to feel a strange familiarity with the characters and scenes presented, interpreting meaning in their own individualistic ways. 



Sage Cotignola is a Brooklyn-based Illustrator and Muralist originally from the East End of Long Island. Since graduating from Pratt Institute in 2014, Sage has been showing paintings throughout New York, creating album covers, custom illustrations, comics and more. 


Sage works mainly in gouache on paper or wood rounds, creating intricate, narrative paintings that feature folkloric creatures and the cyclic harmonies found in nature. Inspired by fairy tales, urban legends, contemporary cartooning and animation and more, each image presents characters for the viewer to connect with and a story to interpret. 


Sage's work can be found at or on Instagram @sagecotignola.

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