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"Dorsal / Ventral"
"Lion and Cubs"
"Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise Mating Dance"
"Kat Towne"
"Skunk in Gowanus"
"Fox in the City"
"Pink & White"
"Toucan's Delight"
"Shedding Velvet"
"Green-Wood Parrots"
"Chameleon (Tangerine)"
"Bear Spirit"
"Charon's Obol"
"Crow in the Misty Mountains"
"Red Panda"
"Athena's Lookout"
"Snowy Owl"
"Cat (Turquoise)"
"Sea Trio"
"New Home"
Horse Portrait for East End Arts' Frontline Heroes Project
"Platypus and Freshwater Yabby"
"Parrot and Arugula"
"Cat (Gold)"
"Jacaranda Dryad"
"Pigeon (Gold)"
"Passenger Pigeons Fly Again"
"Wolf Cub"
"Diligent Sloths"
"Little Armored Ones"
"Pterodactyl and Egg"
"Snowy Duck"
“Prairie Dog Coterie”
"Otter Duo"
"Hummingbird and Japanese Maple"
"White Wolf"
"Wizard / Lizards"
"Fawn with Sunflowers"
"Sheep and Red Clover" & "Goat and Avocado Flower"